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Somatic Pilates

Move from within and feel better in your body

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Merging Pilates, Breath and Somatic muscle releases
Photo of Heather Michele the owner of Somatic Pilates standing in front of Machu Picchu with her hands on her hips with a huge smile.

Hi, I'm Heather Michele

I'm a Pilates addict, travel junkie and movement aficionado.

In my years as a Pilates Instructor I have witnessed movement miracles on a daily basis as people find new muscle recruitment, balance, stability, increase range of motion and yes, Core Strength. What is it like living in a Pilates Body?  It means initiating every movement from your core not your arms or legs. You will be AMAZED at how much easier everything in life becomes when you move from your middle! I target your imbalances and "tight spots" and begin a personalized reconditioning regimen to create a happy, balanced body that moves with ease. 

What Peple Say

What people are saying…

Blades of Grass

“Heather has done what Sutter and UC Davis Health could not do! In this year with Heather, through her teaching, my posture, flexibility and core strength has allowed me to pursue many physical activities. I now enjoy competing in Golf, Pickle Ball, lap swimming, walking and bike riding. All in the same week!"

Arthur C. 

Blades of Grass

“Heather has helped me recover from several back, knee, and hip injuries. I am so thankful for the way she's taught me customized exercises that fit my body's needs and helped me keep moving as I healed."

Jen H. 

Beach Sand

“I came to Heather with a series of underlying hip, back, and neck issues that seemed incurable with PT and yoga. Heather developed a personalized routine that helped me gain strength and flexibility and resolve my pain in those problem areas. I don’t even recognize photos of myself from before because my posture has improved so much! Heather’s radiance and warmth made me immediately comfortable, and her thorough holistic approach has kept me feeling strong, aligned, and connected with my body year after year.

Fain M.  

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