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Your Virtual Pilates Studio

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Live - Online Pilates Classes and Private Sessions

Welcome to your Virtual Pilates Studio!

Photo of a woman doing mat Pilates on a blog post by Somatic Pilates describing the virtual Zoom Pilates classes.

I am holding classes via Zoom!

How it works: I am able to see all of the students on my screen in tiles, I can enlarge each tile individually as needed just the way I would walk up to you in an in-person class for a better look. I will teach you with my words as well as demonstrate the exercises and it's up to you how often you look at your computer screen. Some people enjoy closing their eyes or finding a focal point to look at while following along with my words as a way to bring more awareness to how the movements feel in their body, while others are more visual and enjoy watching me guide them through the movements.

Live Zoom classes offer real-time feedback and a way to stay accountable to your Pilates Practice. We have access to tons of exercise videos online to do anytime we want, but without feedback on our form, a set time to attend and the additional accountability to maintain our normal schedule, it is easy to let it get buried behind other tasks. I offer select recorded classes and videos as an accompaniment to your live class practice to help you move more and give you extra Pilates sessions in between your scheduled Zoom classes.

Movement is critical to keep your body and immune system strong, care for your mental and emotional health and maintain all the physical progress you have worked towards. It is important to me that I provide you a way to maintain your Pilates each week.

About Zoom

Zoom is an online meeting software that is super easy to use. If you are using your phone, you will want to download the Zoom app and make sure that your camera and audio works and from a laptop you can download the windows or mac version for free as well. Once it's downloaded, you can just click on the meeting link that I'll send you and then you're in! If you're a little scared of the tech involved, don't worry, just shoot me a message and we can run a test Zoom call to see how it works with your set up and I can walk you through.

The set-up - You need a good internet connection. Consider turning off other devices that are connected to your wi-fi if you are experiencing any delays, video streaming services on you wi-fi such as Netflix or Hulu running at the same time can slow down internet speeds.

- Make sure the area you are working in has plenty of space. You want enough room around to be able to extend your arms and legs to the side and arms overhead.

- A well-lit room will be best for me to be able to see your body and movements to provide the best corrections.

- We will spend a few mins at the start of your session getting your camera set up and testing audio levels. When we place your camera it will be more important for me to see you versus you seeing me. If you’re using a cellphone be sure to put it on Do-Not Disturb or Airplane mode to be sure calls and texts won’t pull you out of class.


Tuesday Level 3 class at 4:30 - In addition to the prop list, this class will also include tube bands anchored to replicate springs for hands and feet in straps.

Tuesday Level 2 class at 5:45 - In addition to the prop list, this class will also include tube bands anchored to replicate springs for hands and feet in straps.

Thursday Level 3 class at 4:30 - Standard props

Thursday Level 2 class at 5:45 - Standard props

Class participants will join live at the class time via the Zoom link provided. Please try to log in a few minutes before class time to check your set up and make sure your audio is working and your camera is angled so I can see you and you can see me.

Privates and Duets You will join live via the Zoom link provided at the beginning of your session time.

The props

Here is list of props I recommend to have on hand or order online. You will know in advance which props we will be using in class, so that you can have them within reach at the start of our class session

Resistance Bands (not circular) - Light to medium resistance.

Air Stability Disk – This disk is used a lot in class but if you don't have one yet or are traveling a substitute would be a plush toss pillow.

Small Ball – soft under-inflated squishy ball 9" in diameter – substitutes would be air disk or plush toss pillow.

1lb, 2lb or 3lb hand weights – cans of soup or small bottles of water can work as well.

Yoga or Pilates Mat- 2 towels stacked for cushion or carpet is nice padding as well.

Foam Roller – 36” long - soft density is preferred but a medium density will work.

Magic Circle- Any brand will do, I linked the brand that seems to be the best quality for the price

Tube Band Set - This set will come with a door anchor but can also be looped around bed posts, stair bannisters or any solid piece of furniture to replicate the springs of a Pilates Tower or Cadillac for exercises that involve feet or hands in straps. Note: The class description will specify if this band set up will be used in class, this way you know if you need to anchor and set up the bands prior to the class start.

I linked my favorite versions of these props (based on quality and value) but do not feel that you must order these specific brands, you might be able to use what you already have or the substitutes I mentioned. Please message me with questions about similar props or substitutes so we can be sure that what you're using will work well for classes.

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