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Pilates from Home

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Here are some fun Pilates exercises and stretches you can do from home using small props such as a long foam roller, resistance band, hand weights or a small ball.

Photo of Heather Michele of Somatic Pilates teaching a group Pilates class on Zoom from her Pilates Cadillac


Foam Roller Exercises and Stretches

Short 30 minute Foam Roller workout:

How to do a lovely Cat Stretch using your Foam Roller for full spine extension and flexion:

How to do a Swan Exercise to increase thoracic extension and build postural muscles:

Chest lift exercises using the foam roller to activate more of your deep core muscles

How to do articulating Pilates Bridges with the Foam Roller to increase hamstring activation


Resistance Band Exercises and Stretches

How to do Pilates hip work and hip circles with a resistance band

How to get a full range-of-motion shoulder stretch and chest opener with a resistance band


Pilates Exercises using your Magic Circle, Small Ball and Yoga Block

How to do Side Body Leg Lifts for Obliques and deep core engagement and conditioning

How to do Hamstring Curls using a small ball or Pilates Magic Circle

How to get your Pilates Reformer Runners and Calf raises without the Reformer -

For full range-of-motion and varied calf conditioning and to build ankle stabilizing muscles


No Props, No Problem

Basic Pilates Leg Changes on the mat are a great way to challenge your lower abdominals and learn hip flexion while holding a neutral spine (done correctly it's harder than it looks:-)

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