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  • Heather Michele

Meet Heather!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Here is my background, my education, my story and my passion for why I do what I do:


-Public Health and Wellness B.S. from UMass Amherst

-Comprehensive Pilates Instructor certification from Body, Arts, & Science International (BASI)

-Hanna Somatic Muscle Release Certification from the founder Eleanor Criswell-Hanna

-Primal Movement Foundations Certification from Absolute Center

-Reconditioning Specialist Certification from Absolute Center

-Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Vidya Gurukul

-Reiki Practitioner Certification from Marina Yoga


I discovered the magic of Pilates through the recovery of a failed spinal fusion surgery and decided to turn my passion into a career of sharing it with others. I later trained under Neuropsychologist and Hanna Somatics co-founder Eleanor Criswell-Hanna. I personally found relief from chronic pain and restored freedom of movement thanks to these practices and modalities. Over the years I have really enjoyed sharing this knowledge to help countless people find relief from pain and discover new ways to move.

Photo of Heather Michele the owner of Somatic Pilates in front of a stone ruin encountered while hiking through the Amazon Jungle

In my years of traveling the globe I trained in energy work in Asia and also completed a Yoga Teacher Training while visiting India. By piecing together various modalities, movement disciplines and meditation principles along with in-depth studies in Anatomy and Physiology I have found a gentle, zero impact way to activate specific muscles while releasing the tight, overused ones to help people move and live better in their bodies. I absolutely love sharing these techniques and can’t wait to empower you with these amazing tools that have done so much for me.

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